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What I Wish I Knew Then…

We’re doing a fun series on BVT Moms Blog about Baby Must Haves. Since I’m SO out of the loop in the baby gear area, I gave a few words of advice instead…

Duct Tape Parenting: The Rest of the Story

I shared more details on how my adventure in Duct Tape Parenting is going. I’m happy to say that my boys are responding very well and while we still have plenty of work to do, I’m happy with where we are headed!

Book Review: Duct Tape Parenting

If you follow me on Instagram, you have seen that I am knee deep in trying out this thing called Duct Tape Parenting. My last post shows just how, um, interesting this has been. Today, I share a general review of the book, Duct Tape Parenting over at Burlington VT Moms Blog. Look for more details on how it’s going to come!

Kids Birthday Party Madness…

Where I talk about despising kids birthday parties at the arcade pizza place. You do too. Don’t lie.

Kids Birthday Party Madness…Please make it stop!

Kids TV Shows…Am I A Hypocrite?

My boys’ new favorite show is Survivorman on the Discovery channel.

We are generally pretty picky about what we let our boys watch. We don’t watch Spongebob. We don’t watch those dumb teenager comedies. I just don’t feel like my young boys need to get caught up in shows about boyfriends and girlfriends and all that drama. I also don’t want them thinking that is how life and relationships actually work. When they are a little bit older and able to distinguish between real life and drama meant for tv, then we’ll revisit that genre of shows.

Or not.

As for Spongebob and the like…

Just. No.

But then I stopped and wondered if letting them watch Suriviorman where I knew there might be a swear word thrown in here and there made me a hypocrite?  I thought about it and decided that no, it would not! Or maybe it does and I just don’t care. You want to know why? I’m glad you asked!

Because I would rather my kids be the kind of people who say OH SH*T when something scary or startling happens than to be the kind of people who call others stupid and idiots when they don’t agree with them or think they have made a mistake in some way. I would rather them learn about surviving in a dessert and eating snake brains than watching two diva disney stars kiss while the audience ooooohhhhs. Does that make me crazy? Maybe.

Don’t worry though, if you let your kids watch those other kinds of shows, I will not judge you. I might think “Oh sh*t you let your kids watch what?!” But I will never call you can idiot.

That would just be mean.

Remembering The Hungry In A Time of Feasting

There are so many who will go without a large feast this Holiday season. Today, I’m talking about what we did as a family to do our part to end world hunger. I mention an organization that deserves your support and some ideas for your family too!

Remembering The Hungry In A Time of Feasting

Parenting Do-Overs – Yes! That’s A Thing!

Ever feel like you need a parenting do-over? I talk about what you can do to step forward into being the kind of parent you can be proud of over at Burlington Vermont Moms Blog today.


Last week’s letter home from my second grader’s teacher mentioned that they were learning about respect. I asked Charlie about it. He said they watched a video on you tube. I  like to keep a connection between what’s happening at school with our lives at home, so we looked it up and watched it together as a family. I was pleasantly surprised! The video is so adorable and the words are a perfect way to talk to kids about what respect means!

As the days went on and the boys started arguing and fighting, I started singing the song out loud. Just randomly.

Charlie replies, “I regret telling you about that song.”

I thought I’d share it with you so you can watch it with your kids and make them regret it too! You’re welcome, kids!

Oh, and I apologize, the chorus is going to be stuck in your head for the rest of the week.

A Picture Day Miracle

Charlie put on jeans and a button up shirt for picture day on his own. Like, he decided to wear it.

Yes, this is a monumental moment. Since this day years ago, what Charlie wears has always been one of those parenting struggles I avoid at all cost.

He came down the stairs and I was shocked. You know how you don’t want to startle a squirrel? So you just stand there and pretend you don’t see it while looking out of the corner of your eye? Don’t move, don’t say anything, don’t frighten him away lest he scurry back upstairs and change into sweat pants and a mismatched t-shirt.

I just stood there. “Good morning.” Not too cheery, not to mundane. Just right. You see, if he thinks I’m too cheery, he will know that I noticed his attire. If I say it too mundane, he will think I didn’t notice at all.

Walk on egg shells, much?

“Is this ok for picture day?!” he asked proudly. This was my invitation to encourage him on his good choice. The wind was blowing in just the right direction. “I think that’s an excellent choice! I love it!” I reply with a smile.

“I thought you would.” he says, rather smugly, but with a smirk.

WAIT. He thought of me? He thought about what I might want him to wear on picture day? What is this thing? What is happening?

My well-dressed-child-without-a fight dreams are coming true. But I won’t hold my breath. Next weekend we have a family wedding to attend. And God only knows which direction the wind will be blowing on that day.

For now, I’ll give my adorably dressed squirrel a hug before he scurries away. Or bites me.

And no, I do not have a picture. Are you kidding me? Rule number one around skiddish squirrels on picture day, no flash photography. Does that sentence even make sense? Of course not. Parenting rarely does.

Charity Water – Making A Difference in Rwanda

Did you buy a cup of coffee today? What was it, like $6 or $7?

Did you crack open a can of beer over the weekend? How much was that six pack?

Are you drinking a nice cold glass of ice water as you read this? Go ahead, take a sip, relish in it’s ice cold refreshment.

If the answer to any of these questions was yes (and most likely you answered yes to more than one of them!) then would take a moment to watch this?

Chills and tears, yes?

Would you join me in contributing to this cause? You can trust that your money will make a difference.

 From the Charity Water website:

100% of every dollar will fund large-scale water systems in Rulindo District. When the systems are complete, we’ll prove each one with photos and GPS coordinates.

Ian, a good friend of mine, has already started a campaign called Water from Vermont. If you would like to donate, please do so there! Or start your own campaign and share it with your church, your families, your friends. Your donation counts, no matter what the amount!

Water changes everything. I believe it.

Thanks for believing it too, friends.