Charity Water – Making A Difference in Rwanda

Did you buy a cup of coffee today? What was it, like $6 or $7?

Did you crack open a can of beer over the weekend? How much was that six pack?

Are you drinking a nice cold glass of ice water as you read this? Go ahead, take a sip, relish in it’s ice cold refreshment.

If the answer to any of these questions was yes (and most likely you answered yes to more than one of them!) then would take a moment to watch this?

Chills and tears, yes?

Would you join me in contributing to this cause? You can trust that your money will make a difference.

 From the Charity Water website:

100% of every dollar will fund large-scale water systems in Rulindo District. When the systems are complete, we’ll prove each one with photos and GPS coordinates.

Ian, a good friend of mine, has already started a campaign called Water from Vermont. If you would like to donate, please do so there! Or start your own campaign and share it with your church, your families, your friends. Your donation counts, no matter what the amount!

Water changes everything. I believe it.

Thanks for believing it too, friends.

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