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Let Freedom Bloom!

Fourth of July means fireworks and bbq’s and a heart full of gratitude for the freedom we have been given. Thanks to all who serve and continue to serve in our military! To further make your July 4th celebratory, how about a sweet Outback deal?!

In pursuit of life, liberty and bloomin’ happiness, declare your independence from paying for a Bloomin’ Onion®! Outback celebrates America’s Independence Day by offering free Bloomin’ Onions on July 4. It’s time to let freedom bloom!

Visit an Outback location in the 50 states on July 4, tell your server to “let freedom bloom!” and you’ll receive a free Bloomin’ Onion to share with your best mates! To find an Outback location near you, visit

ALSO! To honor Military Mates, we will continue to offer Veterans and active military 10% off the entire check when they dine at Outback for lunch or dinner, up until July 4, 2013. 

Outback Deals for Father’s Day!

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Everyone knows the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach — and dads are no exception.

I remember going out to dinner with my Dad when we were kids. Whether it was a special occasion or not, we always had a great time! He is a fun guy and would always try to find ways to embarrass us in public places. For instance, if we went to a burger place, he’d ask, “Ya’ll have any tacos?” Or he would use an accent when ordering our food. It was always something. Even as embarrassing as it would be at times, I loved it! My Dad can make me laugh like no one else. I’m really excited to be able to spend this Father’s Day with my Dad and looking forward to what crazy antics he’ll pull when we take him to Outback!

Planning on dining at Outback this Father’s Day to satisfy this special guy’s craving for an award-winning steak? We’ve got the inside scoop! When you bring dad in for a meal on Father’s Day, you’ll leave with an extra gift from Outback – a certificate for $10 off two dinner entrees that can be used on a future visit! Hey, maybe you can even treat Dad again for all the things he has done for you throughout the years! This Father’s Day certificate will be given out in restaurant only while supplies last!

Get in early and be sure to ask your server about the offer!

Certificate details: Valid for Dinner only June 17-June 30,2013. $10 off the purchase of 2 dinner entrees or $5 off the purchase of one dinner entree. This offer is valid for dinner only, and is not valid for the No Worries Wednesday Complete Meal for 2 or in conjunction with any other offer or discount. 

Content and/or other value provided by out partner, Outback Steakhouse.

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Goodwill Tip of the Day!

I share one of my biggest tips as a lover of Goodwill and thrift shopping in general on Goodwill of Northern New England’s Blog today!

I Pinned It, Then I Did It!

I have a serious love of Pinterest and would you know, I actually did some things that I pinned? It’s true!

Check them out over on BVT Moms today!
I’ll be sharing some of my other latest favorite recipes and meal ideas here later this week, so stay tuned for that!

Tenzi! Game Review! Giveaway!

I wrote a review of our new favorite game, Tenzi for Burlington Vermont Moms Blog. Check it out and enter for a chance to win a new game for yourself!

Creative Habitat Review & Giveaway!

Local Gifts For Christmas!

This year I decided to give all local products for Christmas gifts. It’s been really fun to shop around and put the baskets together.
I found some really cute wine totes on clearance at The Christmas Tree Shop that I stocked up on months ago. Now that Christmas time is here, I have been putting them to work! Not everyone I know loves wine though so I go creative and filled the totes with other products!
Here I have local Maple Syrup (sorry, don’t remember the farm it came from), Gormly’s pancake mix, Farm Girl hot cocoa mix, Brown Family Farm maple candy. I found these all at the grocery store. Make sure you check there for local products too!

The wine totes I found came with potholders, place mats, and cloth napkins that all matched. How cute! So I also stuffed the pot holders with gifts and tied them to the totes.

I also went the traditional route of just filling up a basket! This one holds my favorite Green Mountain Coffee, maple candy, locally made jellies and some Vermont mugs!

 Of course, the wine totes came in handy for my wine loving friends! I filled this basket with all of the above, plus Amy’s Granola, Ben & Jerry’s lip balm, Switchback Ale and a local bottle of wine (I found several different brands of local wine, so I won’t list them).

Here is what I am giving the boys’ teachers…

Chalk Talk mugs from Green Mountain Coffee, Lake Champlain Chocolates, a sample hot cocoa and a gift card to Starbucks. I know, total non-local gift card. I ran out of time!

Oh! And I can’t forget, one of my favorites! Cabot Cheese! I just forgot the cheeses in the fridge when taking pictures of my baskets. 🙂

So those are my ideas for the gift of local products. Of course, these are all things Vermont is known for, look around and find some local products for your friends and family! Everyone will love it!

*None of this is sponsored! Just sharing my favorites!

Thanks4Giving From Donate Life Vermont!

The holidays are almost here, making it the time of year where we give thanks. One group in particular, Donate Life Vermont, is giving thanks to registered organ and tissue donors in Vermont with an exclusive Black Friday deal. It’s just their way of saying “Thanks for making the decision to give the gift of life!” Donate Life Vermont is calling this: Thanks4Giving!

This year, the Ben & Jerry’s scoop shop on Church Street in downtown Burlington has partnered with Donate Life Vermont to bring a special deal available only to registered organ and tissue donors in Vermont on Black Friday:

Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shop – Buy one Small Scoop, get one FREE! (Click this link.)

But Thanks4Giving isn’t just about rewarding currently registered organ donors in Vermont; it is also about inspiring new ones during the giving season. Right now, the need for registered organ donors in Vermont has never been greater.

Every day, 18 patients on the transplant waiting list pass away due to lack of available organs for transplant. Everyone who chooses to donate life gives those on the waiting list hope to keep fighting on. Right now, over 116,000 people across the nation are waiting for a potentially lifesaving transplant, with just under 200 of those representing people from Vermont who are in need. This number keeps increasing because the supply of organ donors does not meet the demand. The people waiting for these transplants are made of up mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, and friends. Your decision to donate can take less than 5 minutes, and just 1 donor can save up to 8 lives.

If you want to make the decision to give the gift of hope and claim this deal on Black Friday and spread hope this holiday season, you can register online at Your gift will help you receive a gift in another form, that why it’s Thanks4Giving!

Remembering The Hungry In A Time of Feasting

There are so many who will go without a large feast this Holiday season. Today, I’m talking about what we did as a family to do our part to end world hunger. I mention an organization that deserves your support and some ideas for your family too!

Remembering The Hungry In A Time of Feasting


Last week’s letter home from my second grader’s teacher mentioned that they were learning about respect. I asked Charlie about it. He said they watched a video on you tube. I  like to keep a connection between what’s happening at school with our lives at home, so we looked it up and watched it together as a family. I was pleasantly surprised! The video is so adorable and the words are a perfect way to talk to kids about what respect means!

As the days went on and the boys started arguing and fighting, I started singing the song out loud. Just randomly.

Charlie replies, “I regret telling you about that song.”

I thought I’d share it with you so you can watch it with your kids and make them regret it too! You’re welcome, kids!

Oh, and I apologize, the chorus is going to be stuck in your head for the rest of the week.

Burlington Vermont Moms Blog!

I have happily accepted an offer to be a part of the new site, Burlington Vermont Moms Blog! I will be a contributing writer, offering up a post here and there. I am super excited to be a part of something like this! I look forward to getting to know more local moms and becoming more involved with what’s happening in our beautiful state!

Today, I posted an introduction of myself. Check out my post, Living My Dream, to learn a little more about me and while you’re over there, enter a contest or two! So many great ones going on!