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Meal Idea: Taco Salad

Most of the meals I make do not have a recipe.  I make stuff up…often.  But that shouldn’t keep me from sharing my meal ideas with you, should it?!  Here is one of our favorites, Taco Salad. Or Tostada Salad. I don’t know, meat and salad that tastes like a taco in a little bowl that you can eat.

So, basically, I take anything that I have on hand that is “Mexican” (ish) and throw it in one of those taco bowls you buy at the grocery store.  I get the kind that come flat and then you bake them on a little silver thingy to make them curl up like a bowl.  (so helpful, aren’t I!)  I have these yummy little bowls on my “make my own recipe for this so I don’t have to buy it in the store” list. Along with eleventy-billion other things.

In ours: taco meat, black beans, pinto beans, corn, raw spinach leaves, shredded cheese, salsa and sour cream.

Delicious, and the kids love it, which is why I will save some to put into Chandler’s lunch for school.

Because, unlike the rest of America, our kids still have two more weeks of school left!  The rest of you can enjoy this for a light summer dinner.  While we will still be doing homework. 🙂