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Homemade Babyfood

Gone are my days of baby food and plastic utensils.  Sometimes I miss it, most days I’m glad that the majority of food served actually goes into my boys’ mouths.  But many of you are still in the baby food stage or will be very soon.  So here are a few products that I would recommend.  Some I have seen first hand, some I have simply heard of through friends and other blogs.  All of them are items I wish we had when I was in the baby food stage!

I’m sure there are lots of books out on how to make baby food, here is one I have heard good things about, but take a look around Amazon and read some reviews to find the perfect one for you.

The Everything Organic Cooking for Baby and Toddler Book: 300 naturally delicious recipes to get your child off to a healthy start (Everything Series) By Kim Lutz and Megan Hart

 The Beaba Babycook Baby Food Maker – If you are a first time parent and plan on feeding many little ones to come, this product will be worth the investment. You can steam, puree and cool all in one.  Very handy little machine for someone wanting to make homemade baby food and save time!

Babyfood Freezer Trays: Just to make homemade baby food making a little easier, these portion ready trays for the freezer can save you a whole lot of time and the prices are very reasonable.  Here are few different ones I have heard good things about:

Beaba Babycook   

Baby Cubes   

Fresh Baby Freezer Trays With Lids

Make feeding time easier with these handy feeding tools! Boon Squirt Babyfood Dispencing Spoon and Boon Catch Bowl with Suction Cup Bottom

Green Spouts Baby Food Mill – For when your little one is ready for a bit chunkier foods.

Bumkins Waterproof Super Bib – I preferred the bibs that were water proof and that had a little pocket at the bottom to catch the drips and chunks, like this one.

I did write a post about steaming and pureeing veggies which can also be used when making homemade baby food.
You can also read some tips on baby food making from my dear friend (and family member!) Andrea at Moments in Color.

Happy getting covered in slimy slop baby feeding! 

I was not compensated for my opinion on these products.  The links provided are Amazon Affiliate links.