Riding The Bus – A Love & Logic Lesson

We have had a bit of a problem over the summer with the boys fighting in the van. Anytime we drive anywhere, there is a fight. We have rearranged seats, had consequences, and I have pulled over more times than I care to remember. So when the first two mornings back to school consisted of fighting during the drive, that was it, I was not putting up with it anymore.

I have always driven the kids to school in the morning because it gives us a little more time in the mornings. We don’t have to get up quite so early, things are less rushed. But by golly, I will get up at the crack of dawn if it means I can teach them a lesson. I’m a good Mom that way. 🙂 Now that the boys are older they are pretty much getting ready on their own. They make their own lunches and dress themselves. So I knew they could handle getting ready for the bus without it becoming a problem for me.

So last night I told the boys it was time for bed. “But, Mom, it’s 15 minutes early!” I responded that we were going to have to get up a little earlier than usual so they would need to go to bed a little earlier than  usual too. And then they asked why and my Love and Logic empathy had a chance to do it’s thing…

“Well, it kind of too bad.” When my kids hear this, they know something they won’t like is coming. “When kids fight in the van on the way to school, I get way too drained. So you guys are going to start riding the bus to school in the mornings! I checked with the bus driver and she will be here at 7:20 am. I am going to set my alarm a little earlier than normal. Maybe you should too.” WHAT?! They were stunned and dismayed. I started hearing the “its not my faults” and “well if he didn’t touch me” arguments. I just sighed and said, “Off to bed now, we have an early morning!” And so they did.

Morning came and I knew at least one of them would attempt the “oops I missed the bus” scenario. So when it was looking like Charlie wasn’t going to make it in time I said, “Oh that’s ok. I’ll just take you. I charge $3 for a drive to school. Would you like to pay me now or later?” And he he just rolled his eyes and ran to the bus.

Ahhhh, I love this Love and Logic Parenting stuff. It sure feels good to take care of myself and teach those boys a lesson. It’s even more fun when they learn more than one!

Have you taught your kids any good lessons lately? Do yourself a favor and put your foot down! The best parents are the ones that take care of themselves! My morning was filled with coffee drinking on the front steps instead of refereeing back seat fights. I’ll take it!

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