Living In A Hotel

I thought I’d give a quick update on the house situation. We’re still waiting. How’s that for an update?

Things are moving forward but nothing is set in stone yet.

For now we are living in this hotel. It’s…interesting. It’s not the fanciest hotel in town but it’s clean and it’s relatively convenient to where we go to work and school.

There is one bedroom. The kids sleep on air mattresses in the living room now. The pull out couch gave them back aches. You know if a seven year old has a back ache, the bed must be bad.

So what life looks like is the kids go to bed at 8 pm and then we sit in our bedroom and watch tv or whatever. Then Matt goes to bed around 9ish and I try to watch tv or something but he snores so loud that I give up and just go to bed too.

Needless to say, we are all tired. We are getting much less sleep than we normally get. The kids wake up if we so much as sneeze or get up to use the bathroom. Basically, if one person wakes up, we all do. It’s not pretty. But we’re trying. We’re making it work.

I’m just thankful there is a full(ish) kitchen. I brought my own dishes and pots and pans. (And blankets. And pillows.) OCD clean freak? Yes, please.

We are doing plenty of swimming to make up for the rest.

We are hoping to close on the house in the middle of June. So, just a few more weeks of this. I can do that, right?

Sure I can!

Pass the wine and the snorkel.

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