A Silent, Lonely Journey

There are so many things I want to tell you but I can’t. Sometimes military life is a silent, painful road. There are secrets to be kept. Security is first, and keeping things to myself is not my biggest strength. But, alas, I must. So that is why I am being quiet. I have recipes to share and funny things to tell you about and many, many house pictures to update you on but it will all have to wait. We are counting down to a deployment. It is taking up most of my time and my brain space. I am still fulfilling my responsibilities that I have for writing for other blogs like Goodwill and BVTMomsBlog. But otherwise it will be quiet around here until after the holidays.

We appreciate your prayers while our family goes through this difficult, but rewarding journey.

OK, one funny conversation that happened between the boys before I go…

Charlie: If you put the dog in the oven, he would be a hot dog!

Chase: No, actually, he would be a dead dog.

Hope you are all having a wonderful Holiday Season!

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