Quick and Easy Fall Centerpiece

Fall decorating is one of my favorite things to do! It can be so cheap and easy to decorate for the season. Here is a quick fall centerpiece idea I’ve used to spruce up my front porch!
Quick and Easy Fall Centerpiece

Mums are my go-to Fall decor piece. Hit a store sale at the right time and you can make adorable fall centerpieces on the cheap! They will usually come in these generic black pots. I bought a few for a party but I didn’t want to spend money on potting them so here is what I did to cover the black pots for a quick fix!

All you need is one paper bag per flower pot, some scissors and some twine, raffia, or ribbon.
Open up the paper bag and cut slits half way down the bag, around each side of the bag.
Fold the cut pieces down.

Stick the flower pot into the bag. Trim further down the bag if needed. 
Wrap twine around the bag and tie in the front.

That’s it! It took me five minutes to make this as I scrambled to decorate for a fall party I hosted this month. 
Not bad for five minutes, right?! You could take a couple more minutes and tear the edges of the bag for a more distressed look or even cut multiple slits for a fringe. Get creative!

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