Pioneer Woman’s Chicken Pot Pie

My go-to recipe for chicken pot pie is one that I fall back on all the time. When things are busy and I need a quick meal that I know everyone will enjoy, I go to this one.

My kids love those frozen pot pies with the crust that you can get in the freezer section. (Yes, I have bought them, so what?) So I thought I’d try a recipe with the pie crust. My boys gave me Pioneer Woman’s cookbook for Christmas and I made many promises to make everything in the book so I thought it would be fun to try her version.

I’m so glad I did!

The recipe is not difficult at all, came together fairly quickly and was SO delicious!

I thought about posting my own take of her recipe but honestly I can not think of one thing I’d change. It’s a keeper!

So check out Pioneer Woman’s recipe for Chicken Pot Pie from her cookbook “Recipes From An Accidental Country Girl” .

The only one I can find close to it on her website is her Turkey Pot Pie which looks like pretty close to the same thing. The only thing I do differently is put a bottom crust in the pie pan. We love a double layer of that crust!

Here is my recipe for a very quick and easy homemade pie crust.

Let me know if you try it!

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