Back It Up: A Cautionary Tale

My laptop. When I think about losing it I want to sing “How can I live without you” in my best Faith Hill voice. It is my friend. My confidant. My keeper of all things precious.

Why then, did I not back it up? Why did I let that pack of CDs sit on my desk for a month without transferring my pictures onto them? Why didn’t we buy that external hard drive?

Why, God, why?!

I woke up yesterday to a laptop that had given up. The black screen of death. And when we really tried to get it to turn on? A screen full of words and garblygook. Yes. That’s a word. I’m distraught. Leave me alone.

So here I am. No laptop. I’ve been assured that there are geek type people who can fix it or at the very least, get my pictures off it. For a very reasonable price, I’m sure. Eye roll.

But that’s what I get. And so today I encourage you…


I wish I was sharing a fun new rap I made up with you. That would have been much more fun.

Until I get it fixed, there may be limited stuff happening here. Which is too bad because I have a giveaway lined up! But don’t worry. Our old faithful dinosaur desk top is still going and I just figured out how to blog from my phone.


I hope my back it up rap song gets stuck in your head all day. That would make me feel better.

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