Monday, January 30, 2012

Back It Up: A Cautionary Tale

My laptop. When I think about losing it I want to sing "How can I live without you" in my best Faith Hill voice. It is my friend. My confidant. My keeper of all things precious.

Why then, did I not back it up? Why did I let that pack of CDs sit on my desk for a month without transferring my pictures onto them? Why didn't we buy that external hard drive?

Why, God, why?!

I woke up yesterday to a laptop that had given up. The black screen of death. And when we really tried to get it to turn on? A screen full of words and garblygook. Yes. That's a word. I'm distraught. Leave me alone.

So here I am. No laptop. I've been assured that there are geek type people who can fix it or at the very least, get my pictures off it. For a very reasonable price, I'm sure. Eye roll.

But that's what I get. And so today I encourage you...


I wish I was sharing a fun new rap I made up with you. That would have been much more fun.

Until I get it fixed, there may be limited stuff happening here. Which is too bad because I have a giveaway lined up! But don't worry. Our old faithful dinosaur desk top is still going and I just figured out how to blog from my phone.


I hope my back it up rap song gets stuck in your head all day. That would make me feel better.


  1. oh no, that is horrible, that happened to my camera, right after Christmas one year, all my holiday pictures gone.  I was so upset but paid the $100, and they got half my pictures back.  I am so sorry. 

  2. OMYWORD. That's horrible. I would FREAK OUT. Totally FREAK OUT.

  3. I am going to pay what it takes to get my pictures back!


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