You Know You’re a Mom of Boys When: Overhead on a Saturday

You know you are a Mom of boys when you overhear these snippets of conversations on a Saturday afternoon and you are not concerned:

“Give him a rifle, it makes him look more evil.”

“Mommmm! Would you please tell him that this is an alien ship and not a dead human ship!!”

“I am the doctor of master mind powers…everyone better bewaaaaare!”

“Should I be scared of my brother, even if he is a human being?”

“Throw him in the sea of dead persons!”

“Don’t worry, burnt eye balls can be fixed by doctors.”

“Since he’s my brother, I can eat him alive. I’ll start with his cheeks.”

“Eat his brain! Eat his brain! Eat his brain!”

This post brought to you by Legos. The toy that makes my sweet boys turn into evil mind controlling alien ship building cannibals.

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