100% = The Percentage of a Chance That I’ll Get a Note From the Teacher About This

Chandler, my ten year old, was doing his math homework last night. He had to go through magazines and find phrases that included percentages.  So he handed me his paper when he was done and showed me this:

I glanced through them and did a double take. I then busted out laughing. Here’s why:

See the brown strip?

It says, “For 90% of women, menstrual bleeding is dramatically reduced or stopped.”

He asked what I was laughing about and I lied, of course, and said nothing.

He never asked what it meant. THANK GOD. Because I wouldn’t have told him. I thought about making him take it off but then I would have to explain why. And I just wasn’t in the whole birds and the bees talk mood.

I’m sure his teacher needs a good laugh anyway.

God I hope they don’t have to read their answers to the class.

I just thought of that possibility.

You are welcome in advance fellow parents for teaching your children the word menstrual.

Oh boy.

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