Video Game Review: Battle of Giants – Dinosaurs Strike for Wii

I have three boys. I think it needs no explanation that they love two things: video games and violence.  I try my hardest to channel the love of those things the best way I can.  I avoid letting them play the really violent war type video games and stick to fiction games like the Lego games. The only thing they are doing is “destroying” legos, not killing people.

So when I heard about the game Battle of Giants – Dinosaurs Strike for Wii. I loved it right away.  A chance for my boys to get out some aggression and “fight” in a video game without pretending to kill people? Perfect.

In this game from Ubisoft, up to four players can customize their dinosaurs and then face off in a fight.  The more you win, the more items you can unlock to customize your dinosaur.

Charlie is showing me how he’s customizing his dino.

 I liked that the boys tended to be up on their feet while they were playing too.

 Here is Charlie giving it all he’s got to get his dinosaur to rebound from a “KO” (knock out for my non-moms of boys).

My boys are ages 5, 7 and 10.  They figured the game out very quickly and had no problems understanding what to do.  Even my 5 year old who can’t read yet figured out what to do without help.  Our 12 year old neighbor came by and played with us and he thought the game was fun and challenging, even for him!  So I was happy to see that the game can be enjoyable for such a wide variety of ages.  My younger boys did seem to enjoy the game the most though.

I had to pry the controllers out of their hands at bedtime and they laid in bed talking about the game. So I think that pretty much spells success! 

Battle of Giants – Dinosaurs Strike for Wii by Ubisoft is available just about anywhere.   You can get it at for only $28.99 and it qualifies for free shipping!

Thanks so much to Ubisoft for sending us this game to review.  It came just in time to wrap up and give to Chandler for his 10th birthday! (Shhhh, don’t tell him!)

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