Sunday, May 9, 2010

You Know You're A Mom of Boys When

Happy Mother's Day! 

I wrote this a while back over at and thought it was worth sharing again!

You Know You're A Mom of Boys When:

There is pee…everywhere…forget toilet seats, it’s everywhere people!

There are numerous daily conversations about underwear, snot and butts…in a completely serious manner.

There are numerous daily conversations about underwear, snot and butts…in a completely ridiculous and silly manner.

There are underwear strewn about the house in very strange places for no particular reason whatsoever. (case in point)

We use the word underwear a lot.

I am ALWAYS out of food. They are like little garbage disposals.

There is no pink to be found, except for the clothes on my back. And I barely get away with that. (”Mom, that’s a girl color!” HELLO! I’M A GIRL!!)

I have more hot wheels in my purse than I do cosmetics.

I break up at least 2-3 wrestling matches a day. Some with tears, most with screaming.

I can quote Star Wars…this is not something I am proud of, it’s just a fact.

I can make shooting noises, differing between pistols and bombs and such…again, not a super proud moment.

It only takes two dressers completely emptied to cover a small bedroom floor with clothes. This fact has been proven numerous times and you will come to find out all kinds of things that can cover the floor when you have boys.

Body parts…don’t get me started on that one.

Lego pieces can not be easily found in vacuum bags…or dog poop. Just sayin’.

Bath time is about the same as the “Will It Float” segments on the Late Show with David Letterman.

Photo shoots look like this:

And before it's all over with, like this:

I can’t complain though. I really DO love being a mom of boys. Dirty underwear and all.

Because being a Mom of boys also means that I get to play Monopoly Jr on a Friday night and have my Momma's boy say, "Mom, I made our cars kiss!"

AND...Two Words: Coach Mom

Being a Mom of boys is something special, that's for sure.  So bring on the legos up the nose and the "you're the best mom ever" Mother's Day cards with pictures of us shooting guns together.  I'm ready for it all.


  1. Your post made me teary! I have a boy... and we're contemplating having another baby... so I could be a mother of 2 in the next couple of years. I love it too... dirt, robots, boogers, and being constantly under attack by some creature or being saved by a "gentleman", as he calls it. I hope you had a fabulous Mother's day... as I did... filled with testosterone.

  2. Just stumbled across your blog.
    I have three boys, too, and I nodded along with this post.
    I can so relate!


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