Eat This, Not That

You have probably seen the books called Eat This, Not That. I have never read one but I do sign up for their daily emails and I have to say, YEEEIKES!  It has been very eye opening to read about the hidden calories and chemicals in the foods in restaurants and in the grocery store.  Just today they sent me one called 8 Food Mysteries Revealed where they uncover what is lurking in McDonald’s chicken nuggets and the Wendy’s Frosty.  I’m not a fan of the golden arches so I wasn’t too bothered by that, I know their food is fake, but I was shocked by the Wendy’s Frosty!  I love those!  Not sure that I can eat one know that I know that it is basically a laboratory experiment more than it is a recipe!

So head on over there and sign up for the emails too, I highly recommend it!  I will be posting more interesting facts that I have learned from reading Eat This Not That’s daily emails that I think everyone needs to know. So stay tuned!

And no, I was not paid to say any of this.  But wouldn’t it have been cool if I were? 🙂

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