Recipes: Egg Muffins & Breakfast Sandwiches

In an effort to stay off the cereal bandwagon I have attempted a few new breakfast ideas. With school mornings being hectic, there is little to no time to make a full breakfast. Here are the ways I’ve been able to take breakfast back!

Breakfast Sandwiches:

This isn’t a recipe as much as it is an idea. It’s pretty simple, don’t be too impressed. I use bagels or English muffins (depending on what was on sale at the store last week!) or I make homemade biscuits. I then scramble a whole lotta eggs. I sometimes use sausage patties. I always use cheese. Always. I then layer the goodies all together and stick in the freezer.

I am on the hunt for reusable containers that are just the right size so I don’t have to use baggies.

In the morning, just stick the sandwich in the microwave! We usually split them in half and nuke for a couple of minutes. I think a toaster oven would give the best results, but we don’t have one. So. Microwave.

It’s a great quick breakfast option and way cheaper and healthier than the fast food or store bought versions! Give it a try and let me know if you find any better ways of making them!

Egg Muffins:

I found this idea on Pinterest, of course! The recipe is from Kalyn’s Kitchen. It’s basically any fillings you want covered in eggs and baked. I did a southwestern version with green chiles, cheese, and salsa. I also did a standard sausage and cheese version. The boys pop these in the microwave and have with a slice of whole wheat toast. Love this option! Eggs in the morning without cooking them in the morning!

What quick, innovative breakfast ideas have inspired you to get off the cereal bandwagon?

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