When School Doesn’t Start For A Million Years

I appreciate Summer break. I really do. This time and season for us though has been crazy. We are all ready for some normal. We need school to start again. But we still have a couple of weeks. The boys are tired of each other. They need a break from being home, working on house stuff. 

We are moved in just enough to live normally for the most part. So now? What do we do? I’m trying to plan fun things and make the most of our last two weeks while still trying to get stuff around here done. So my days are filled with keeping the boys busy. Instead of writing on my blog and hanging pictures on the walls. Which is great! When I’m not pulling them off of each other we are having a lot of fun.
I will be back. Soon. Thankfully it only feels like a million years.
*No kidding, I went to post this and I just got an email from a teacher about back to school. I think I just found something to do today! School shopping! I wonder if the boys will share my enthusiasm…

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