Recipe: Chocolate Toffee Cupcakes

I found a recipe for Toffee Crunch Cupcakes on Pinterest and I was just dying for a chance to try them.

A couple of weeks ago I had the chance to make them for a lunch with friends but while living in a hotel baking is a bit problematic. For instance, I had one bowl and a whisk. So the recipe from the link above was just not happening. I didn’t give up though. When it comes to chocolate stuff covered in toffee, I’m no quitter.

I made a very cheap version based off the delicious idea Bakers Royale had. For the much more delicious luxurious version, check out her recipe!

Here’s how I made my not-homemade-at-all version:

Chocolate cake mix and ingredients according to box
Can of cream cheese frosting
Jar of caramel sauce
Semi-sweet chocolate chips
Toffee chips

Cupcake: Bake chocolate cupcakes from a box, following box directions. Cool completely.

Frosting: Add about half a cup of caramel sauce ice cream topping to a can of cream cheese frosting. *The sauce makes the frosting a bit soft but refrigerating for a little bit helps harden it.

Chocolate Topping: Melt 2/3 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips and 3 tablespoons of butter together. (I can’t remember, but I might have doubled this)

Assembly: Stick cupcakes in the freezer for about 20 minutes. This makes it easier to dip them into the chocolate. Dip cupcakes into the bowl of chocolate, swirling to coat the top. Dip into the toffee bits. Let harden. Pipe caramel frosting on top. I kept them refrigerated until serving to keep the frosting and chocolate hard.


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