Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The wallpaper. It defeated me.

Monday we were allowed to come in and start construction on the house. Technically we haven't closed yet. This is what we would call a stressful course of events.

But I'm here at my house so I'm enjoying finally be able to DO something. Of course this is the busiest week ever for Matt. There is an important inspection on base this week and this weekend he has drill. He's working late every night through the weekend. So everything that needs to be done this week? It's all me.

Five of the rooms (And the hall, if we're counting. Which we are) are wallpapered. They are covered in this thick textured paper and possibly have been since the beginning of time. It doesn't want to peel. It doesn't want to leave this house. Underneath is plaster. This makes the process that much more difficult. I bought a steamer in hopes that it will help but my biggest goal is to convince my husband to pay someone to Sheetrock right over that mess.

Because the wallpaper has defeated me.

And this is only day two.


  1. Hang in there, we did this in my sister's house, it is MISERABLE. (see also, worth it :)) Use what works, I see you have spray, am assuming you have the paper tiger, just keep at it. :/ OH! She also successfully applied a stucco type finish over the plaster walls in her dining room and it turned out gorgeous. :D

  2. I had old textured wall paper that took some plaster down with it.  The walls were an absolute mess.  I ended up doing a textured plaster treatment from Home Depot- not cheap but cheaper than paying someone to sheetrock

  3. I think I'll have to swing by Home Depot and check that out today. Thanks!


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