What I’m Doing Today

I’m packing suitcases and snacks and movies. I’m loading all my dirty laundry in a big bag so I can wash it at my Mom’s.

I’m going on a trip!

The boys and I are driving down to visit my family in Indiana today. The last time I drive there alone it took me about 18 hours. We drove 9ish hours and stopped at a hotel and drove another 9ish hours the next day. This time we are driving 5 hours to my in-law’s home and staying the night then finishing the rest of the drive the next day.

I might be crazy.

Will I make it? We shall see. I’ve made it before. Here are my travel tips in a video I posted the last time I made this drive.

My newest travel tip, which I found on Pinterest, is to pack the kids activities and snacks in these handy little craft buckets. The boys are very excited about it. We’ll see how long that lasts. My bet is hour one.  What’s yours?

I’m not sure why this photo insists on being sideways. I’ve tried to fix it for 15 minutes. I give up!

Wish me luck!

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