Chocolate Covered Brownies…On A Stick!

I saw this idea in a magazine a long time ago and categorized it in my brain to do for a fun treat to send to school on the boys’ birthdays. I made them for Chase’s birthday celebration with his class last month. The kids were SO excited. They were amazed. It’s just a brownie, but put it on a stick with sprinkles and magic happens!
It’s pretty easy to do:
Make a pan of brownies.
Let cool.
Cut into squares.
Stick a popsicle stick into the brownie.
Dip into melted white chocolate.
Cover with sprinkles.
Let dry on wax paper.


I did rush the process and tried to use the brownies before they were completely cooled. Don’t do that. They just crumbled and fell apart. So I ran to the store and bought some premade brownies to use. Next time I’ll know to make the brownies a day ahead and maybe even slightly freeze them so they don’t fall apart.

Such a fun treat!

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