Friday, October 21, 2011

You Know You Are A Mom Of Boys When...Birthday Card Love

My precious middle child, Chase, is turning eight years old today. To celebrate, he had a friend stay the night last night. His friend gave him this card:

I asked his friend to explain the drawing. He said, "Well, that's Chase and that's me. And that's me throwing a guy that Chase doesn't like into a brick wall."

I must have looked slightly horrified because my husband chimed in, "That's how boys show love. He's a really good friend."

And Chase and his friend agreed that if you are a good friend, you are willing to throw bad guys into brick walls for each other.

Can someone please help me escape the Boy Planet I'm stuck on? I don't seem to speak their language.



  1. That reminds me of a day when my now 17-yr old was about 4. He woke in the morning and said he'd had a dream about a helicopter fighting with a dinosaur.  Hmm, don't think I EVER had that kind of dream. Also, every story he wrote in school all the way through 7th grade involved some sort of explosion, or, as his vocabulary grew and he learned more ways to describe mayhem, spontaneous combustion.  

    Totally new world for me - I grew up with one sister, no uncles, and a fairly tame dad.  Even my aunt used to call me 'prissy', and now everyone thinks it's hilarious that I have 3 boys.  I try to surround myself with all the girly-stuff I can!

    But the boys are fabulous and, like you, I really can't, and don't ever want to, imagine my life without them!  I have always been thoroughly fascinated by their outlook and will forever love their humor and hugs.

    Thanks for your blog - I love your excellent writing with its loving, funny, touching, and smart-sarcastic, real-life insights. 

  2. Love this!!!! I live on the boy planet as well. You've just lived on it longer. :)

  3. Well then you should feel some hope. I'm still alive!

  4. I did grow up with two brothers so I was well prepared but sometimes I'm still just standing here, like, what?!

    Thanks for your sweet comment about my writing and my blog. It touches my heart so much!!


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