Pefect Boy Snack: Dirt Cups! {dairy free!}

 Our middle son, Chase’s, birthday was last week. I wanted to send a fun treat in for his Cub Scouts meeting. There was one snag, though, one boy had a dairy allergy. So I asked my Twitter friends for some ideas. I wanted to make dirt cups, but figured pudding and oreos would be full of dairy. Then @ryles chimed in with wonderful news! You can make dirt cups dairy free! Who knew?

Oreos are dairy free. Just buy name brand Oreos! (I had no idea!)
Pudding mix: The JELLO brand is dairy free.
I used coconut milk to make the pudding.
Gummy worms are dairy free.

Of course the ingredients are full of all kinds of other awful not good for you things, but it’s dairy free!  🙂

There really isn’t a recipe here. Mix the pudding mix with your choice of milk as directed on the box. Cover with finely crushed oreo cookies. Squish some gummy worms into the dirt.

A perfect treat for little boys!

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