Homemade Kids Keepsakes Organizer

I still haven’t dealt with the pile of artwork and papers that my kids brought home from school last year. Now we are starting back again and they will be bringing more home!

Here is the pile of artwork I have been begged to keep because every single piece is special:

While I do love keeping my kids artwork and keepsakes, I do not love the mess it creates. I like things to be organized and in my world everything has it’s own home. So I came up with a way to store and organize all of our favorite artwork, school papers and keepsakes.

Homemade Kids Keepsakes Organizer

 This is really quick and easy to make, the kids can even help!  Here is what you need:

Poster board
Hole Punch
Stickers and/or Markers

First fold the poster board in half.
Then punch holes down the two sides, leaving an open space at the top.

Starting at the bottom of the poster board, weave the ribbon in and out of the punched holes until you reach the top. Repeat on the other side.

Tie in a bow at the top. Tie it tightly!

 Decorate with stickers if you like and label it with your child’s name and grade/age. This is a great job for the kids!

Done! Using the large size poster board makes the organizer big enough to hold large keepsakes without needing to fold them!

And, of course, it can fit small things as well. Do you remember this paper? I just had to keep that one!

The folded up poster board Kids Keepsake Organizer fits nicely right down into a plastic bin so you can stick them in there and line them up just like a neat and tidy little file box full of childhood memories.

If you don’t have much time, you are not crafty, you are lazy, or it is your second or third child who always get the shaft, you can use the super easy way:

Fold poster board in half:

Staple up the sides:

Write the kids name on the front with a sharpie:

Fill it up!

For now I have one bin with a folder for each kid but my goal is to have one bin for each kid filled with a folder for each grade. It will be so easy to look through and my table top will stay clean!

How do you keep your kids artwork organized?

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