You Know You’re A Mom of Boys When…Undergarments Edition

Yes, the title alone should warn you about this one.

I walked through the department store underwear aisle with my children.

My three boy children.

The questions. The comments. The oh dear God don’t laugh, don’t laugh, don’t laugh moments.

Chase: What are panties?

Charlie: Duh, they are girl underwear. It covers their…YOU KNOW. (inappropriate pointing to private parts)

Charlie: Mom, these bra things, they are to cover your nibbles right? And the hold up those boob things?

Me: Yes, Charlie, but let’s save private questions for when we are at home please. *turns and chuckles*

Charlie: (holding up a bra) Mom, this one is really squishy. Like a pillow boob!

Chase: Mom, is 3x the biggest these come in?

Chandler: Mom, pleeeeeease let’s go now.

Me: I think Chandler is right, we should go.

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