My Favorite Recipes of the Week: Breakfast

I look online for recipes…like A LOT. Most often I use them as ideas. I’m not very good at following directions. I like to make recipes my own. I decided though that since I find SO many great recipes in my online adventures, that I should start sharing them with you!

Sometimes I make the recipes I find and sometimes I just drool over them and then forget them. Matt is always telling me I need to “make a list” because I am constantly showing him recipes online or trying a new one and then a month later he’s all, “Remember that one recipe with the chicken and the cheese…” Now I can keep better track for myself AND share them with all of you!

This week I had my eyes on breakfast treats. Here’s what I found!

I love these Cinnamon Toast Rolls by Circle B Kitchen.

Photo Courtesy of Circle B Kitchen

 They look quick and easy to make as a weekend breakfast treat. I would probably use wheat bread just to pretend like it was healthy-ish. Or not.

I decided to make Stuffed French Toast for a church brunch last Sunday so I began scouring the internet for ideas. I came across this one and about died.

Banana Nutella Stuffed French Toast by 52 Sweet Treats

OH MY YUM. I tried it with strawberries and it was divine. Johnna’s version is dairy and gluten free so that is a huge plus for those of you who follow those diets! I made my version very full of dairy and gluten. 🙂

The other recipe I found is Stuffed French Toast which I found through Tasty Kitchen (my new obsession). I made this one with blueberries but I think it would be equally amazing with strawberries as well! I guess I’ll have to make it twice. Darn.

From Girli Chef, I present to you Cinnamon-Sugar Pull-Apart Ricotta Bread.

Photo courtesy of girlichef.

 There are so many words in that title that make me drool. This is a MUST try ASAP recipe for me and I will probably follow it exactly. I just can’t risk it not coming out perfectly on the first try. My taste buds would never forgive me!

So there are some of my must try and eat right away favorites from around the web!

What are your thoughts about my fave recipes posts? Should I post on the same day every week? What should I call it? Let’s give it a name!

Have a recipe you think I should share? Let me know! If you pass my rigorous standards of acceptance (makes me drool and lick the screen) then I’ll share your recipes too!

Looking forward to sharing more and hearing your faves too!

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