Monday, March 28, 2011

You Know You're A Mom of Boys When...Purse Edition

I think you can tell what gender children someone has by looking in the mother's purse.

I imagine moms of girls have things like lip gloss, hair barrettes, unicorns, rainbows and sunshine in their purses.

I'm a mom of boys. My purse is like an artillery storage bag.

I know how to spell artillery and what it is. Also another way to know I'm a mom of boys.

Yesterday I cleaned out my purse.  You know I'm a mom of boys because I was not at all surprised to find this:

 Of course there is the obligatory jet, a matchbox car, a cough drop (For the sudden man cold urges that my oldest suffers from. thanks Daddy for teaching him the ways of the man cold!) and the obviously necessary Star Wars Lego toy. Also, a battery. Because you never know when you will need one, folks.

Not shown: wipes even though we are no longer in diapers (boys = wipes. duh.), granola bar wrappers (sorry, that was mine), lip gloss (also mine, if you recall, I am a girl) and crumbs. So many crumbs.

What would I find in your purse?


  1. Various Legos, a couple of bouncy balls, dice from some random board game, a confiscated mini flashlight, and a My Pretty Pony. I have four boys and one girl. LOL

  2. At the moment I still haven't started carrying a purse after having mine stolen about 6 weeks ago.

  3. Ha! I love that I could tell you had a few boys and a girl from your description!


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