Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Stop Telling Me I'm Not Fat

I gained some weight over the winter. Who didn't, right?

I'm not a "large" person. I'm not overweight. I'll be honest. I wear a size eight pants.  Not bad for three kids if I do say so myself.  But those size eights are barely buttoning these days.

So I mention to people that I need to lose a few pounds. Five. Ten. At least. And what do they say?

"Shut. Up. You're not fat!"

OK, maybe I'm not "fat". But I'm heavier than normal for me.  And I don't feel good. And this inter-tube around my waist is coming between me and my form fitting shirts. And I'm not even going to acknowledge the back fat. It knows how I feel.

It's frustrating to be a "thin" person who needs to drop a few pounds.  Everyone gives me a hard time about being skinny. And "Oh shut up, you have NO idea what it means to need to lose weight."

Maybe they are right. Maybe I don't.  But does that make my struggle with my weight less important?  Don't we all have the right to want to be healthier?  Because that is the bottom line for me. I'm not healthy right now.  I don't feel good about myself.  Hello, my pants don't fit.

If you are breathless after walking up a couple of flights of stairs you need to do something about it.  That has nothing to do with your pant size.

So, please, if someone "thin" says they need to exercise, drop a few pounds, and/or stop with the cookie eating...don't berate us!

Everyone deserves to be supported in their quest of living a healthier life.

And no one, whether size eight or eighteen, likes their own back fat.

Am I right?


  1. And there is much applause! So true. You know where your health zone is and listen to it.

  2. YES YES YES agree with every single word. Just because we dont need to be removed from the house with a crane does not mean we feel good at the moment. Geeze!

  3. I feel your pain. I just got my butt whooped by the womans boot camp where we are stationed. There were muscles I worked today that I am pretty sure I never knew i had. Ignore those who get bothered. Do what makes you happy

  4. I wish I were a size 8 again. I have been a size 13 longer than I like. I wish I had more spousal/home support while dieting. My husband loves to shove Oreos down my throat. I swear that he loves me fat.

  5. Amen. I love this post. Even though I'm not "thin" it still rings true.

  6. YES YES! As a person who is overweight and have been on a weight loss journey for over a year and dropped 70lbs, I get asked how much farther are you going? I am going until I feel healthy and like you can walk up stairs and run without dying!

  7. so let's join a volleyball league tasha! It'll help us both out.

  8. I can't think of anyone who enjoys back fat, their own or someone else's!

    I'm with you on this, a formerly thin-like person now hiding it with sweaters.

  9. You are exactly right! Right there with ya!

  10. Wow, I happened upon your blog while on hold and landed right at this post! I can so relate. I am NOT fat, even 15 lbs ago, it is true, I was not fat. However, I WAS unhealthy. My bp was elevated and so was my cholesterol. I was facing going on medication for both. My doctor was shocked also as I really don't have any risk factors except genetics. Anyway, I increased my normal 45 min/3 days per week workout to 1 hour 5 times per week. EUREKA! I lost 15 lbs and lowered my bp a ton and cholesterol to a safe range. . . without medication. I so relate to your desire to be healthy. Not to diminish anyone's efforts at losing weight, but it is not easy for for a thin person to lose weight and change bad habits either. GOOD LUCK to you. The results are so worth the EXTRA effort!


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