Heart of Haiti

When I was asked by The Clever Girls Collective to write about the Heart of Haiti project, I immediately said YES.  

I love that this project stands for helping families reclaim their lives together in an artistic way. Since the devastating earthquake that happened one year ago today, Haitians have had a very difficult time trying to make a living.  Raw materials were wiped out and the general lack of sanitary living conditions made it impossible to resume life quickly and easily.

By purchasing a handcrafted masterpiece from Heart of Haiti hosted by Macy’s, we can directly benefit Haitian families.

Each item is handmade by local Haitian artisans.  I love all of the pieces but I think I will get the watermelon bowl and maybe the pineapple bowl too.  They are really beautiful pieces of art!  And the story behind them makes the purchase so meaningful.

You can go to Heart of Haiti – Shop For A Better World to browse all of the products.  They are priced really well (the watermelon bowl is only $16!!) and there is even free shipping with some purchases!  For each purchase you make, 22% of the retail cost goes directly to the Artisan themselves! And I love, love that the items are signed by the Artisan.

It’s such an easy way to help a family thrive in Haiti. And it’s so much more than just a paycheck for the Artisians as well. Check out this blurb from the How It’s Helping section of the Heart of Haiti website:

Heart of Haiti also offers new opportunities for artists to collaborate with US designers, strengthening artisan associations and inspiring and energizing their communities. Men and women are working together, gaining confidence and hope for the future. Master artisans who planned to leave the country are now staying behind to train the next generation. The tradition of rich and unique Haitian art lives on… through the generosity of many like you.

Please consider purchasing something from the Heart of Haiti and make a difference.  Thanks for joining me in support of such a worthy cause!

I was selected for this very special “CleverHaiti” opportunity by Clever Girls Collective, which endorses Blog With Integrity. All opinions are my own.

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