Christmas Receipt Envelope – Easy and Quick Craft!

Do you have a bazillion Christmas gift receipts haphazardly thrown into your purse?

Do you have to dig and hunt for receipts all over your house when you need to return something?

Do you forget what you bought and tear your closet apart tracking down all the gifts you have hidden?

Well, not anymore!

Just make this handy dandy receipt holder thingy and you’ll be more organized than Kris Kringle himself!!

OK, enough with the infomercial  mumbo jumbo. Sorry, I got a little carried away.

I really do love this little reciept organizer and I make myself one every year.  It’s quick and easy to make!

So here’s how I made it:

Envelopes (Either business size or regular, whatever you want! And enough for each person in your family or as many as you feel you need to stay organized!)
Glue stick
Marker or stickers

First, decide how you want to organize your receipts.  I made an envelope for each person I would be buying for and then one extra one for miscellaneous.  You can sort by person, by relationship (Kids, Aunts. Mom, Dad, etc) or by gift (electronics, clothing, toys) or even by store! Do what works for you but note that an odd number of envelopes works best.

Glue the envelopes together by gluing the inside flap of one envelope to the back of another.

(Here’s the back of it)

(See, I told you I use Scotch products!)

 Continue gluing all the envelopes together.
Fold up the envelopes in an accordion style.

Label the top of your envelopes. 
I used some stickers, but you can just write it with a pen or marker or a label, whatever works!

Cut two slits in the back of the last envelope and thread your ribbon through.
Tie the ribbon around the front to keep your receipt organizer thingy closed!
Now stuff that baby full of receipts and lists and all your Christmas secrets! 
 Then hide it in your purse, quick!
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