Love and Logic Parenting: You’re Grounded From Your Mom

I received my Insider’s Club email from Love and Logic and the title was, “You’re Grounded From Your Mom”.  I was so excited to read what that meant!  Could I ground my kids from me and take a night off? I think this is such an innovative way to get kids to think and appreciate their parents and I thought you all would enjoy it too! So here is what the emails said:

Fifteen-year-old Brandi has been out of control. She refuses to listen to her mother, calls her mother filthy names, won’t come home on time, and has turned the home into a battleground. Mom, in desperation, called her husband at work and demanded that he do something, which he did.
Dad grounded his daughter from her mom for one week. She is not allowed to talk to her mom, and Mom is not allowed to talk to her.
“This is the stupidest kind of discipline I ever heard!” screamed Brandi. “I need my mom. She needs to cook my meals. I need her to help me with my hair. I need her to take me shopping. How is she going to answer my phone calls? I need her to drive me to school. I hate this! None of my friends have to put up with this!”
Here is a youngster who is starting to realize how important her mother is. Next week Mom plans to use that famous Love and Logic mantra, “I’m happy to do the things you want when I feel respected.” This is going to be interesting.
A great example of the power of this phrase can be found in the story “Little Johnnie,” in the CD by my son, Charles Fay, Ph.D., Oh Great! What Do I Do Now?
Is that a great idea or what?! I am definitely saving that for a rainy day!  Especially once the boys become teenagers, I can see that coming in handy! 
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