Hormone Balancing Coffee Concoction

I heard about this wonderful coffee concoction from a local health food store a long time ago and was told my good friend that she drank it as well and loved the results. I enjoy the flavor and the health benefits are amazing!  If you are a coffee drinker and looking for a way to make it more health beneficial and less full of high fructose corn syrup flavored coffee creamer and hip enlarging white sugar (totally talking to myself here) then give this a try!

Here is some info that I found from ehow.com to help explain the why and how of this hormone balancing coffee drink:

“Keeping your hormones balanced is one of the most vital things you can do to keep your health in check. Hormones control many of the body’s most important functions, such as blood pressure, metabolism and insulin. A mixture of coffee, cocoa and maple syrup has been shown to help keep your hormones balanced. A study done by Harvard Medical School shows that coffee may have anti-cancer properties and reduce the risk of diabetes. Cocoa beans are a good source of flavonoids, which are antioxidants. Maple syrup is rich in manganese and zinc, which are good for your heart and immune system.
Also, for the women folk, it can help with keeping your monthly rigmarole balanced as well! I’ve heard of women saying it keeps their periods (sorry men folk) lighter and their moods more balanced during that “I might kill somebody” time of the month. I may or may not have experienced the same results, but just in case my Dad is reading, I shall refrain from the details. (You’re welcome, Dad…and the rest of the world.)

This mixture is also shown to aid people with osteoporosis!

So here is the “recipe”:
Mix 1 teaspoon of pure cocoa powder and 1 teaspoon of grade B organic maple syrup in the bottom of a cup or a mug. Mix until the cocoa powder and maple syrup form a thick paste. (Be sure to use only grade B maple syrup as this is the only syrup that is bottled straight from the tree and goes through no processing.)
Fill up the cup with hot, freshly brewed coffee. With a spoon, mix until the drink is frothy.

Drink the coffee, cocoa and maple syrup mixture to regulate the stress hormone cortisol. Drink this Cobalamin, or vitamin B12, mixture first thing in the morning so your body is relaxed and stress free for the remainder of the day.

Here is the link to the full article from ehow.com that I got all this super duper information from.


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  1. Leane

    That isn’t at all true that Grade B maple syrup cones directly from the tree and isn’t processed!!! All pure maple syrup is made from sap which looks like water and is about 2% sugar. In order to change this sweet water into syrup of any grade it must be boiled until it is 67% sugar. The difference in Grade B is that it is darker due to differences in the sap and therefore has more nutrients.


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