Why You Shouldn’t Do The 30 Day Shred Workout Video With A 5 Year Old

Do not do the 30 Day Shred Workout Video by Jillian Michaels with a five year old.

Seriously. Don’t. Do. It.


Mommy, are you going to do your workout now? Can I do it with you?!!!

Mommy, why are your armpits fuzzy looking?

Jumping jacks? These are piece as cake! (not a spelling error, he always says piece as cake instead of piece of cake and I will not be correcting him until he is 25)

Mommy, why do your knees make noise when you bend like that?

I follow Natalie, Mommy.  She is better. (For those of you who have never had the pleasure of self torture via Jillian Michaels, Natalie is the “advanced” girl and Anita is the girl you follow if you are needing a “low impact” work out.  I follow Anita quite often. SO WHAT.)

Here, Mommy, let me hold your head while you do those sit ups.  You look like you need help with your head.

Um, Mom, THAT is NOT how you are supposed to be doing it. *eye roll*

Sorry my arm is bumping you Mom, but you are kind of in my way.

Mommy, don’t you wish there was a level FOUR?!  You’d be SO strong.  (yeah, or dead)

Whew, this is hard work, I’m going to take a break and get a snack! (NO FAIR)

That one girl is as tall as the ceiling!

Shouldn’t you be on Level 3 by now?

Did you know that this is exercise too Mommy?

You hear that Mom? Jillian said, “CHOP, CHOP!”

Two minutes of cardio Mom! Can you handle it?

What is cardio?

Do you need me to pause it for you?

If I was a girl, my hair would be shaking back and forth right now!

She said NOT to do that Mom.  You are disobeying.

Don’t you dare put that video on Facebook, Mom!

(What, you mean this video? I wouldn’t dare!)

(Or this one?, Not me! I would never!)

Now that we’re done with easy Level One, I’m gonna do Level Three by myself!

(And he does…and kicks Level Three’s butt, by the way.)

Mommy, you look like you need a hug!  Ewwww, nevermind, you smell funny.

And THAT my friends, is why you should NEVER. EVER. Do the 30 Day Shred workout video with a five year old.  (Besides the fact that you spend the whole time writing down all the funny things he says and taking pictures the whole time, thus nullifying the affects of the workout.)

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