You Have Reached My Homemade Happiness

Hi there!

This is Tasha’s blog. Sorry she is unavailable to share her latest recipes and parenting tips with you this week.

She is busy volunteering to do crazy things like bake 100 homemade biscuits, make enough sausage gravy for an army and boil 3 lbs of elbow noodles in an attempt to recreate Grandma Fletcher’s famous Macaroni Salad (no pressure) for a family camping trip.

She will return to her normally scheduled life next week after washing 4 thousand loads of laundry that smell like camp fire and sweaty boy.

In the meantime, please feel free to browse me.  If you would like to laugh, read this.  If you want a recipe that will make you want to slap yo momma, read this.  If you would like to think deep thoughts, find another blog.

Thank you!
My Homemade Happiness

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