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So a bunch of fellow moms who blog came up with a really fun way to get to know one another by inviting each other into their homes with pictures and videos on their blogs. I thought it sounded like a lot of fun and we have a ton of family and friends from out of town who have never been to our home, so I thought this would be a great chance to welcome you all into our home, even if you are thousands of miles away!

I don’t know how to the the pretty collage pictures some of the other fancy ladies did, and I don’t have time to learn how to do it today, so this will just be a realy long post.  But that’s ok, because if you were actually here, it would only take about 30 seconds to give you the tour.  So making you take a few minutes is kind of nice.  🙂

Our house is super small, it is the first home that we purchased. We have quickly out grown it and have it up for sale right now (BUY IT! I’ll give you a great deal!). We have lived here for 7 years. I really do like the house. It’s cute and cozy, we know every corner of this house. But I am looking forward to a bigger house soon, one with just a few more corners to get to know.

This is my favorite part of the front yard.  I have had this old rocking chair for forever and it’s falling apart, but that’s why I like it.

Here is the living room.  We just got this furniture a few months ago.  It’s amazing how much nicer the room looks with new furniture.  Before it was all, “We’ve been raising babies for several years, please pardon the puke stains” now it’s all, “Look at us, we’re adults!”

One of my favorite things in this room is the furniture.  My husband says it’s uncomfortable, I say it’s beautiful.  We know beauty comes before comfort, right ladies?  The ottoman opens up and stores all of our Wii remotes and accessories and blankets and pillows, another one of my favorite things.  I also love this big letter L which I received for review here.  I don’t know why I love it so.  It stands for our last name, our family, who we are.  We are the Lehmans.  And we’re proud of it!  And it’s pretty, that helps too.

Now into the boys room…

All three boys share this room.  It works well.  It’s crowded, but we make it work. They only sleep and get dressed in here.  We fit them all using a trundle bed under the bunk beds which you will see below.  Our boys have shared this room for a few years now so they are quite used to being cramped together.  Chandler is 9 and looking forward to having his own room really soon though. Students working on their interior design degrees also know that comfort comes first.  He wants a surf room so everything in the room will be his when we move.  It’s all relatively new.  We repainted and decorated to give the room a little charm while selling.

Here is the closet in the boy’s bedroom.  Right now they have clothes in the dresser, the rest is my scrapbooking stuff which is awaiting it’s own room, hopefully very soon.

And, now we are at the play room, which usually has legos spread all over the floor.

The play room closet, otherwise known as, The Arsenal.

 Annnnnd, the playroom 30 seconds after I took pictures.

Now, our room.  I redecorated a couple of years ago.  Our 10th anniversary was coming up so I wanted to redo the room to reflect our honeymoon in Jamaica.  I decorated the whole room with this vase as my inspiration piece.  Matt bought it for me on our honeymoon from a street vendor and it’s one of my favorite things.  It reminds me of our honeymoon, quite possible THE happiest we have ever been.  Not to mention rested…and tan…and thin…the list goes on.

Every picture in the room is from our honeymoon.  I plan to have these ones above our bed blown up really big for the walls of our room when we get a bigger house.  (I know, I have lots of plans for that future house, don’t I!)

The bathroom…I don’t think I have to tell how ready I am to not share a bathroom with three little boys.

Last, but not least since it’s my favorite room in the house, is the kitchen.  It’s big and has a decent amount of cabinet and counter space.  And just enough room to house our huge antique table and buffet which belonged to Matt’s grandmother.  He has refinished it, put a lot of work into it and I just love it.

The laundry room, errrr, closet, in the kitchen.

Like my sewing machine cover?  My mom makes them, among other super cute things, at her etsy shop, Homespun Expressions.  Check it out!

Oh, wait, I forgot the back yard!  We love the back yard.  The huge tree gives us a ton of shade and the greenery that fills the back is just lovely in the summer. It’s also really big, perfect for family baseball games!

Of course, the backyard is usually littered with dump trucks and buckets full of dirt and worms…

And there you have it!  What do you think?  I promised some of you messy pictures, but I would have had to actually mess something up to do that.  LOL, YES, my house stays pretty clean.  BUT, I have three boys who are all getting older and clean up after themselves.  And I’m proud of how clean my house is, I work hard at it!  I don’t watch tv during the day to distract me.  I do check facebook and twitter and blog, and play legos…but I still manage to keep my house pretty clean.  Here’s how, just in case you wondering.  🙂

Thanks for stopping by the longest #twitterhometour ever.  Hopefully, by the time we do this again, I will have a bigger home to show you!!  And it will take you an hour to read my post!  YAY!

I will look forward to checking everyone else’s home tours out soon…and you can too!  Check them out by clicking on the button below!

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