Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mommy Guilt

It all looks so nice, doesn't it? My pretty, organized (as it can be because I am not that techy) blog. My homemade recipes. My thoughts on parenting.

So nice, indeed.

Yet here I sit, feeling not that nice.

It's Mommy Guilt, and it's hovering over me.

I reacted to the situation instead of responding to my son.

I yelled too loud.

I sat too long and cleaned too little.

I lost my patience, even my mind maybe?  Just for a minute.

I am coming to realize, in my thoughts, in the stopping and listening to that little voice in my head and The One the puts them there, that this whole Mommy Guilt thing is not getting me anywhere.

What's more important...

That I DO more. Or that I BE more.

Yes, that is the balance that I am trying to find.  Because it's ok if I feed my kids corn dogs for lunch once in awhile.  I mean, I can't make everything from scratch for goodness sake.

And it's ok if we stop at Krispy Creme with Grandma.  Because, simply, I love donuts. 

And it is most certaintly ok that sometimes, my living room looks like this:

Because sometimes, what's more important than a clean room are the memories being built amongst the blanket forts and the imagination that is growing in my boys' reality-invading minds.

Yes, Mommy Guilt, you may as well leave now.  I have no more room for you in my busy mind.  It is too full of love and memories and good thoughts to share with my dear friends.


  1. If you are a Mom...you can relate to your post. I know I can.

    Treasure, and enjoy EVERY second of time with your kids...for they truly GROW up way to fast.

    There really is NO time for Mommy guilt...because there's to much Mommy enjoying that needs to take place.

    I LOVE your blog Tasha!

  2. Great post!
    I totally related!

    One of my resolutions this year was being present with my boys and life and letting your livingroom turn into a neighborhood of forts is awesome!

    Lighten up on yourself. Slow down and enjoy! You are right - it goes too fast.

  3. This is a great post.
    It definitely makes me think!

  4. When you do find that balance, will you please let me know? I have been struggling with that myself for a long time.

    And yes, the memories are more important than the cleaning and organizing. LOL

  5. I totally 100% agree with you!! When my living room looks like a bomb went off, lately I've been getting down on the floor and playing with the kids. You're right. Life IS short. xoox

  6. I totally relate. I start work on Monday and my Mommy guilt is in high gear right now.


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