Monday, January 25, 2010

Not Me!

No, I did not take my camera into the bathroom so I could get this picture...

...just so I could prove that I can't get a moments privacy even in the bathroom because if the kids aren't bothering me, the dog is!

It's weird and gross to perch on the toilet, camera in hand to take a picture of your dog.

And I am not weird and gross. 

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  1. cracks me up. i am so going to take my phone to the bathroom with me this week to catch all the people and animals that follow me. i think there is a announcement that plays when i close the door because they can ignore me for hours until i walk in there

  2. LOL!!
    Oh I so remember those days!
    It's like you are having some super secret party in there & they are not invited, so they pound on the door or find a way in! Yup, animals too!

    Faythe @GMT

  3. Around here it is the cats.
    You are not alone with this phenomena.
    The joys of parenthood.


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