Not Me! Monday


So my fellow “mommy bloggers” out there in the land of the internet often share a fun “Not Me Monday” post started by MckMama and I always think they are a riot and, let’s be honest, I have a whole lot of material around here to use!

Where do I start…there are oh so many things that I did not do this week.

For instance, I most certantly did not throw a temper tantrum with full fledged kicking and screaming on the floor to show my 4 year old how silly it looked when he did it. I am a civilized woman who knows how to handle her child and I would never do that.

I also did not play guitar hero for so long that I dreamed about it and woke up pressing my fingers into my husband’s side. That would be sad and I am just way too busy cooking stuff from scratch and cleaning my house to spend that much time playing on the wii.

My boys did not wear the same pjs for about three days straight all day and night without taking a bath or changing their underwear over Christmas vacation. I am way too clean of a person to allow such filthy grooming habits!

And lastly, I did not ring in the New Year by watching Seinfeld reruns in bed with my husband even though we were kid free for the night. I am so much cooler than that.  I swear.

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